Breath & Presence – SOUL OF SKIN TRAINING


14. Dec 2024 to Dec 15, 2024

| GBTQ men* |

This weekend we will learn to read and work with the breathing in the recipient’s body. Sensing hands enter into a dialogue with the breathing movement and engage in its rhythm.
Subtle touch and conscious, allowed breathing often accesses tension in deeper layers of our physical and emotional bodies. Subtle touch and conscious, allowed breath often accesses tension in deeper layers of our physical and emotional bodies.



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Soul of Skin - Touch & Massage Workshops

Breath & Presence

This weekend we will learn to read and work with the breath in the recipient’s body. Sensing hands enter into a dialogue with
of the breathing movement and let yourself be drawn into its rhythm.
Subtle touches and a conscious, allowed breath often access tensions in deeper layers of our physical and emotional body.

We stimulate the body to let breathing – and with it a wide variety of metabolic processes – flow freely.

Feelings can come to light, which can be integrated through the conscious connection to the body and breathing. The gentleness and focused presence of the giver usually contribute to more trust, well-being and relaxation.

General information

< strong>What is SOUL OF SKIN?
SOUL OF SKIN is a holistic massage training in a two-year cycle and consists of eight weekend workshops. The eight weekends/methods can also be booked individually.

Professional and experienced practitioners teach a method in each module. Discover the massage as a form of intimate encounter! Expand your possibilities as a professional, lover and partner!

Who is SOUL OF SKIN aimed at?
The workshop cycle is aimed at GBTQ+ men*, beginners, those with massage experience or those who deal professionally with bodywork.

How can I participate in SOUL OF SKIN?
The modules can be booked individually. They don’t build on each other. Each method stands for itself and can be an enrichment for you. You can start at any time and combine or catch up on the modules as you wish.

You will learn and experience effective methods for healing, relaxation and enjoyment. You discover the massage as a form of intimate encounter. You expand your possibilities as a professional, lover and partner! You will learn concrete grips and techniques, but also how to “read” a body and be guided by intuition and sensitivity.

• Touch nourishes.
• Touch calms, heals, stimulates.
• Touch communicates.
• Touch is immediate.
• Touch transfers to body, mind and soul.
• Touch balances and creates connection.
• Touching with presence and heart is a powerful agent for transformation.

What makes SOUL OF SKIN unique?

1. OUR TEACHERS: You benefit from international experts with extensive training who have many years of experience with bodywork.

2. VARIETY: You will get to know a wide range of methods with different focal points. If you take all the modules, you will receive comprehensive massage training.

3. FULL BODY: For us there are no “untouchable” parts of the body. We give attention and respect to the whole body, including the anus and genitals – areas normally avoided by traditional or conventional massage schools.

4. SECURITY: We want to offer a framework in which you can feel safe and secure. We invite you to new experiences. But there is no peer pressure. Your boundaries are respected. It is about you.

5. BEING IN A GROUP: The beauty and power of respectful touch in a group setting can be a unique experience. Participants who participate in multiple modules or the whole program advance to a deeper level of trust and openness with each other. You have an experience that many long for: you experience closeness and security in a community.

Overview of all upcoming data
Modules can also be booked individually
Feb. 11 2023 – Dec. 15 2024 Complete Soul -of Skin Training Berlin Soul of Skin Massage & Touch Training Team
Feb. 11 2023 –Feb. 12 2023 Intuitive Erotic Massage Berlin Julian Martin
Apr. 1 2023 – Apr. 2 2023 Art of Anal Touch Berlin Julian Martin
Jun. 3 2023 – Jun. 4 2023 Lomi Lomi Berlin Roman Söllner
Jul. 8 2023 – Jul. 9 2023 Sensual Thai Yoga Massage Berlin Zahiro Ji (Be)
Oct. 14 2023 – Oct. 15 2023 Esalen Inspired Massage Berlin Jochen Stechmann
Dec. 16 2023 – Dec. 17 2023 Deep Tissue Massage Berlin Marc Buscha
Dec. 14 2024 – Dec. 15 2024 Breath & Presence Berlin Kai Ehrhardt

Event Details

An diesem Wochenende lernen wir, die Atmung im Körper des Empfangenden zu lesen und mit ihr zu arbeiten. Spürende Hände treten in einen Dialog mit der Atembewegung und lassen sich auf ihren Rhythmus ein.
Durch subtile Berührungen und einen bewussten, zugelassenen Atem entsteht oft Zugang zu Anspannungen in tieferen Schichten unseres physischen und emotionalen Körpers.

Start date: 14. Dezember 2024

End date: 15. Dezember 2024

Start time: 10:00 CET

End time: 17:30 CET

Venue: Village Berlin

Phone: ‭+491724672037


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