Playfight Ritual


Every 3rd Sunday of the month

| GBTQ men* |

In the playfight ritual we create a safer space for men* to physically meet in a circle witnessed by the others in 1:1 encounters.
During the ritual we use almost no words, so our bodies will take over the communication.

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Playfight Ritual

Playfight collective

The Playfight Ritual intends to create a safer space for men* to meet each other physically in one-on-ones surrounded by a circle of witnesses.
During the ritual we will keep words to a minimum so that our bodies can take over the communication.

Each man* will silently set his intention before a playfight ritual, so naturally each one will be different, ranging from a dance with little body contact over soft cuddling and rolling around to sweaty fights to find out who is stronger or more agile.

There is no system of external judgment. Each playfight belongs to the two men* engaging in it. It can be ended at any time by a word or by double-tapping your partner or the floor.

For safety reasons, we will not stand up when engaging in a playfight. There will be a warm-up phase and an explanation of the rules before the actual ritual starts.

Please be there in time so we can start together. You don’t have to fight at all, if you don’t feel like it. Rejected invitations to fight are a valid part of the ritual.

However, I would like to ask you to stay till the end of the event (or the break at about halftime), as you will be a part of the ritual whether you are fighting or not.

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely and bring some dry clothes for it might be cold outside and you most likely will be sweaty. Long trousers are advised to avoid mattress burns on your knees.

*Playfight is open to all gay / bi / trans / queer men.

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Januar 2023

Event Details

Im Playfight Ritual schaffen wir einen sichereren Raum für Männer* um uns in einen Kreis bezeugt von den anderen in 1:1-Begegnungen physisch zu treffen.
Während des Rituals verwenden wir fast keine Worte, sodass unsere Körper die Kommunikation übernehmen werden.

Date: 22. Januar 2023

Start time: 17:30 CET

End time: 20:30 CET

Venue: Village Berlin

Phone: +49 172 4672037


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