About us

we are village is a place and a platform where queer people can come to belong and grow.

*what we do

We specialize in embodied practices and experiential learning while building meaningful connections between queer issues, queer arts and societal change.

*for whom

we are village welcomes all bodies and cultural backgrounds.

We offer events and activities for queer masculinities & femininities, transgender, non-binary, gender fluid, intersex and gender non-conforming people. Offers for queer femininity are currently being planned.

  • Some of our events related to partner work and healing are specifically designed for gay, bi, trans and queer men* / queer masculinities
  • Others are designed for gay, bi, trans and queer women* / queer femininities
  • Some events support a range of interests that include some or all gender identities, sexual orientations or go beyond them.
  • Some events are for all of our friends, allies, and the general public.

Please refer to our calendar to find out which events are suitable for which interests.


We envision a better world where queer people and communities can heal and grow, and in doing so, empower society as a whole.


we are village is an advocate, a learning center, a meeting place and a network for queer communities focused on embodied socio-cultural change, human connection and creativity.

we are village empowers queer people through individual and collective participation.


we are village consists of 4 overlapping areas, which are organized in a members' association and a non-profit GmbH (currently being converted from Queer Matters e.V.).


At we are village you can participate or get involved in many ways:
  • Participate at events
  • Become a member to support our project and enjoy benefits at the same time
  • Host an event – physical or online – and complement our program with something that aligns with our vision and values
  • Get involved as a therapist, coach, artist or activist
  • Join our team of volunteers to help with bring our program to life or support us with everyday tasks. Sometimes we are looking for someone to join our core team. Feel free to apply!
  • Support us in an advisory capacity, creatively or with administrative talents
  • Contribute to the preservation of the project as a sponsor or donor
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