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we are community is the essence and basis of our project and represents the human relationships and connections between all of our offers. The we are village community is one of the most valued aspects of our work.

People who are interested in our community usually meet us through one of our events and learn about the many ways to get involved. The creation of our community originated in the embodied exploration of queer masculinity, but continues to grow into a space for all queer identities.

Course participants, facilitators, therapists, coaches, artists, activists or volunteers: all members of our community are united by their wish to form new ways of being and relating, creating more sustainable visions and community models, the joy of experimentation and their desire to be part of we are village.

we are community is a space that has grown over the years, off- and online, in Berlin and far beyond.


With your financial support you create an important place, because through the power of a community we can achieve more.

Even if you don’t live in Berlin or can’t visit the Village regularly, you are a valuable member and can actively participate in shaping the project. For example in special interest or working groups on our Social Hub. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get actively involved or not, your monthly contribution makes it possible to shape this project.

In addition, members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Two free courses of up to 90 minutes per month (also applies online)
  • Reduced participation fee for all other courses
  • Invitations to free events for members only
  • Discount for longer events or workshops

we are village is a model for a new lively urban community – and you can be part of this community!


The project with its physical and digital spaces can only remain alive through collective action.

Help create an extraordinary place for yourself and others by taking on voluntary tasks. Are you interested in that? Then contact us and become a volunteer!

*Social Hub

The Village in your pocket. Our integrated digital space makes it possible to be in contact across national borders, to exchange ideas, to maintain interest groups and working groups and to be independent of the large social media platforms.

Register on our portal to automatically be part of our digital community.


You can use the group function to join existing groups or create new ones. Whether it’s to share common interest, spread information, to work or organize things together –  your creativity is the limit.

*Social Events

Events such as potluck dinners, community weekends or outdoor activities are happening alongside our regular courses, seminars, festivals and charitable offers. At the same time these events are a perfect opportunity for you to get to know us better.
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