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belonging versus loneliness

Everybody can feel lonely sometimes. As human beings we have a natural longing for social connection and support by others.

Due to individual and structural discrimination queer people have an ever higher risk to suffer from chronic loneliness.

Together with the Berlin Office for Equality – against Discrimination (Berliner Landesstelle für Gleichbehandlung – gegen Diskriminierung, short: LADS) one of we are village’s goals for 2023/24 is to curate a program focusing on queer loneliness.

We want to get a better understanding about how people are feeling in their social environment and have created a survey

Your honest answers help us to asses strategies and steps to tackle loneliness and help us build a bigger sense of belonging among members of the queer community.

Please be as honest as possible when choosing your answers, and do not leave any personal information in the survey that can be tracked back to you. We will treat your answers confidentially at all times.

*The free-of-charge programming includes:

  • Talks and panel discussions
  • Strategic workshops centered around the topic of loneliness
  • Monthly potlucks
  • Excursions in Berlin and its surroundings
  • Film and book nights und
  • Storytelling
  • Discussion rounds
  • Creative get-togethers with other queers
  • Embodied consent courses
  • Offers for consensual touch and contact

Review of our German event with Dr. Dominique Piber: How loneliness affects the wellbeing of queer people and how to build bridges of belonging

Review of our panel discussion in German about "Loneliness in the queer community" with Prof. Dr. Anna Steigemann, Deniz Yıldırım Doğan, Dr. Dirk Sander, Lilith Raza, Prof. Dr. Mirjam Fischer

*We thank the Berlin Senate for their support with the topic of Loneliness in the LGBTQIA+ Community

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