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connection versus lonliness

Everybody can sometimes feel lonely. As human beings we have a natural longing for social connection and support by others.

Queer people have an even higher risk of suffering from chronic loneliness due to individual and structural forms of discrimination.

IIn cooperation with the Berlin State Office for the Equality of Treatment – against Discrimination, we are village has set itself the goal for 2023/24 to offer some programming on the issue of loneliness in the queer community.

We aim to gain a better understanding of how people feel within their social environment, and have created a survey.

Your honest answers will help us develop measures and strategies that can contribute to addressing loneliness and generate a greater sense of belonging.

Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. We kindly ask you not to provide any personal information that could reveal your identity. Your responses will be treated confidentially

*Click below to get to the survey...

Thank you very much for your participation!

*The free-of-charge programming includes:

  • Talks & Panal discussions
  • Strategy workshops to explore other choices when feeling lonely
  • Monthly shared meals
  • Outdoor excursions in Berlin and its surroundings
  • Film- and book envenings
  • Storytelling
  • Sharing rounds
  • Opportunities for artistic expression with other
  • Embodied consent classes
  • Offers for mindful touch and contact

How loneliness damages LGBTQIA+ health and what to do about it. A presentation with Dr. Dominique Piber.

Panel Discussion "Loneliness in the Queer Community" with Prof. Dr. Anna Steigemann (moderator), Lilith Raza, Dr. Dirk Sander, Prof. Dr. Mirjam Fischer, Deniz Yıldırım Doğan November 30th, 2023

*Made possible through the support of
the Senate of Berlin

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