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queer matters

we are queer matters is the heart of our non-profit, which reflects and promotes LGBTIQ+ issues through projects and initiatives.

we are queer matters is committed to strengthening the LGBTIQ+ community. Our aim is to bring people together and to promote their personal identity, health and development. For an appreciative and non-discriminatory cooperation.

we are queer matters opens a space for non-profit projects that deal with a variety of LGBTIQ+ issues.

  • We organize projects ourselves.
  • We cooperate with other organizations in joint initiatives.
  • We offer our framework and support to others to apply for grants.

Our funding strategy includes seeking grants from public organizations and accepting tax-deductible donations from private donors or institutional sponsors.

we are queer matters invites everyone to participate and create more satellites to shape the queer present and future.

We are currently converting Queer Matters e.V. into the new legal overall structure of a gGmbH. We are still working on integrating all information from queer matters on this portal. Until then, you can also find all the information at


It is important for us to help shape and explore identity, creativity and socio-cultural change. The projects cover the areas of education, health, art and culture, the integration of young people and the elderly, social commitment and support for the disadvantaged.

*Cooperation partner

We promote new questions in the social development process. For this we are open to cooperation with partners worldwide.


You can view our statutes here.


Your donation makes our projects possible. For an appreciative and non-discriminatory cooperation.

Every donation supports the causes, visibility and development of the LGBTIQ+ community. If you would like to support a specific project of ours in particular, please contact us directly.

Donations for Queer Matters e.V. / we are village gGmbH are tax deductible.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on donations, as we often have to contribute a proportion of our own funds for donations from the public sector. Donations give us the chance to apply for more public grants.

We would be happy to send you a donation receipt. The commitment with a standing donation order is particularly effective in the long term.

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