Oh so masc – and yet so femme!


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In this workshop we will delve into the dualities of the “two wolves” that live within each of us.
On the one hand, we have the well-behaved, educated and very social person within us – the person that our parents, society or our jobs want and demand from us. On the other hand, we carry an unleashed, wild and more animal self.
How can these two coexist and feed each other instead of causing dissonance?

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So well trained - so animal!

Florian Filtzinger & Henrik Sahlen
In this workshop, we will dive into the duality of energies living in each one of us, experience and embody them. The masculine and feminine!

For no matter your gender or identity, we all carry these in us: masculine and feminine energy. And by embracing them both, allowing to manifest and be witnessed in appreciation – we nurture both to reach their divine potential.

Take this chance to yield into both energies inside of you in a committed circle of curios humans, daring to be seen and grow.

This workshop is part of an ongoing inquiry of somatic educator and therapist Florian & yoga teacher + life coach Henrik with a degree in psychology will guide you through a shared and co-created experimental journey.
In a brave space, with methods out of mindful movement, meditation, yoga, coaching, bioenergetic bodywork and conscious engagement – always reconnecting the bodily experience through sharing circles – we will witness and support each other in exploring our relationship of the “leashed” and the “unleashed”.

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Januar 2023

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In diesem Workshop werden wir in die Dualitäten der „zwei Wölfe“ eintauchen, die in jedem von uns leben.
Auf der einen Seite haben wir die brave, gebildete und sehr soziale Person in uns – die Person, die unsere Eltern, die Gesellschaft oder unsere Jobs von uns wollen und verlangen. Andererseits tragen wir ein entfesseltes, wildes und tierischeres Selbst in uns.
Wie können diese beiden koexistieren und sich gegenseitig nähren, anstatt Dissonanzen zu verursachen?

Date: 19. Januar 2023

Start time: 19:30 CET

End time: 21:30 CET

Venue: Village Berlin

Phone: ‭+49 172 4672037


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